Monday, May 28, 2007

New Blog

Sorry it has taken me so long to update. Alena is going to post, when we finally get her and Irina to sit down and do it. We are so busy and by the time I think to ask Irina to help Alena, it is to late for us to write.

Alena is doing so well. She is amazing. Yes, there is still so much to learn. Both on our part and hers. You see, things that we take for granted, Alena is only now getting to do. Like going to a restaurant. Alena never went to a restaurant before we met her. So the first time she ever got to go, was in Kazakhstan with us. We had no idea, and she said that she was so nervous when she went as she had no idea what to do. She only had a fork and spoon at her house and the orphanage, so a knife was a very new thing. She said she just followed whatever we did. Now we did not learn this until we had taken her to a few restaurants. So one night when I took her to a restaurant, I was really wondering what was going on as she was having trouble with the knife and with, well, everything. She was not acting very mature, she was acting so silly. Alena only acts silly when she is uncomfortable. I have noticed this and I couldn't figure out what was going on. After getting her home, we used the translator and we found out she was uncomfortable with the whole process. She was not sure what to do, from ordering to eating, the dreaded knife and napkin, and what you did when they asked you if you wanted water.

Ok, what a wake up notice for me. She had never been to a restaurant and was unsure of what to do. So, something that we have done, since we were little, she had to learn at fourteen. Everything, talking with your mouth full, napkin in your lap, all of it. It was so pleasant for me to teach her. She is so excited to learn. It is awesome. Plus, she was amazed at the ability we have to just go out to eat. We are so blessed. We sometimes have no idea.

Alena is continuing her english studies and I have to tell you, her teacher is amazing. Irina is not only a teacher, but a friend and we are blessed to have her in our life. Irina is also a jewelry artist. She is very, very good. She goes under the name Jauneblue. Her pieces are in some boutiques in Beverly Hills and she has been asked to be in gift bags at some awards shows. Just think cool awards shows....

She has helped so much in so many ways. She translates for me, when I need to explain our culture. Sounds pretty mundane, but to be honest, it is really important. Take clothes for example. We are a pretty conservative culture when it comes to clothes. I know that sounds weird given some of the clothes we see on kids, but really we are a conservative group compared to some South American cultures and some European cultures. So when you take that in to consideration you can understand that Alena is used to clothes that are not as conservative as we, her parents, would like for her. She is used to Kazakhstan fashion. Very spikey heels, very wild clothing. Wild in that it is more shiny than we are used to. More, what is the word, gosh I don't know. Just take it as my dad used to say, more like a Friday night girl.

My dad said that you always wanted to be a Saturday night girl and not a Friday night girl. When I was young, my dad told me to wear clothes like a Saturday night girl. Saturday night girls were the girls that a guy took home to mom and dad for dinner or to marry. Friday night girls were the girls that they guys took out but not home. Ok, you get the picture. That was my dad bringing up his daughter and as a good daughter, I listened! Only Saturday night clothing for me, ha-ha! Which is hilarious now because whenever I dress a bit wild, I still feel like I should watch what I wear!

Well Alena likes more shiny clothes than my somewhat preppy upbringing. Clothes like big heels and pants and shirts with lots of rings and hanging things. Not low cut or obscene, just wild. Irina and I had to explain that even though some of the clothes she liked were fun, some were well not appropriate for a fourteen year old. And if you put them all together, well it is like a popstar on stage. You just don't walk down the street or in school with those clothes. Otherwise, you are a Friday night girl!!!!

How funny it is to be here talking about this after raising two boys. I truly love it. Pray for me though, even being a girl, I want to do this right.

On a side note, the guys are doing great with work. They are learning loads and put their first film in the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival. They are now up on All you do is go to and put in their names under search. Jonathan is Jonathan Broderick Moss.

Thanks for checking in on our family. We will have our first visit with a social worker in June. I will let you know how that goes. Alena wanted me to tell you she is very happy here. She loves that people are supporting us. She feels loved. Thanks for visiting.

God Bless everyone,


The Abes said...

Kelly (et al),
Thanks for posting! I check your blog regularly for updates! I'm so glad to hear things are going well for you guys.
Same with us, only subtract about 13 years! Emily is doing wonderfully. Bless her heart- she's a quick learner. We've all had to adjust!
I put some pictures from our Memorial Day Weekend trip to Chris's uncle on our blog, so be sure to check it out when you have a chance.
Love you guys,

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