Monday, November 13, 2006

Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning and welcome to our blogspot. We leave at 4:30pm today to fly to Frankfurt, Germany and by Wednesday we should be in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Yahoo! We are on our way to adopt a girl. Not a little girl, but hopefully one a bit older, fourteen. Joe and I are taking the guys, Jonathan and Jameson to have this amazing life experience. We are excited, not completely packed and as usual, laughing and running around like crazy. Can you imagine going to Kazakhstan to adopt? Neither can we, but non the less God has us going so onward Chrisitan Soldiers!!!!( see the movie Flyboys for that last line!)

I promise our blog will be funny and not make much sense unless Joe is writing. I write like I talk, fast, and Joe talks like her writes methodical. That is why we are so good together! Have I told you I married over my head? Well, I did!

We have some amazing people who have helped us so much with getting out of here. It was so much work in such a short time, I even missed the Atlanta Workshop Players 25th Anniversary. Sorry Lynn. Adoption is a huge undertaking and I want to praise anyone who has done it. As for us, we had no idea and literally are reacting to the things you must do. Our desire was to give a child a loving home. One that they can call their own. We have much love and laughter in this house and coming from big families we just wanted to share that love with more children. Well let me tell you, what a process! A wonderous process but a process nun the less. As you will see on the next blogs, it really is life changing.

As for the wonderful people who have helped. There are tons, but let me just say thanks to everyone for their patience and kindness to our family. Tina, Suzie, Julia, Debbie, Fran, Kathy, Destri, Tammy, and all of the women that I have been in touch with lately, thanks for your ears and offers of help. Laura Hansen noterized all of our papers and she is amazing. I am sorry I couldn't see you yet Laura. When we get back we shall definitely have coffee. For the last week, we have literally run around trying to finish up, as well as take care of our home, and just get prepared for the next month. Everyone's love and patience has bolstered us through some amazingly stressful days. Of course it is our fault as we are trying to do so much in our lives, but I have to be honest, we can not see it any other way.

As you know Joe and I feel really blessed. We have tons of faith and God has really blessed us beyond measure. It is amazing that we are going on a plane halfway accross the world to adopt. How cool. Thank you God!

We love you all and pomise to update often. We do not arrive until Wednesday night US. Kazakhstan is ten hours ahead and hopefully we can start blogging right away. We will be in Almaty the first day and actually visiting our Embassy for fingerprinting! Oh the joys of adoption.

Take Care, God Bless, and love,
The Moss Family


Tina said...

Hey guys! Trying to catch up with you yesterday was crazy! Got the email. Dont worry about things here we will take care of them. Pips and Rocky were happy to see me yesterday every time I came in to use the washer! I will be there again today. Hope everything is going well and let us know when you meet your new daughter!

jeanette said...

Hello Moss Family,
I have been thinking about all of you- wish I were there. I'm glad to be able to follow you. You'll will be in great hands as you will soon see. I'll keep in touch with Tatyana and follow the blog-can't wait!!!!
Have Fun!!!(Kelly don't shop too much!!!)))

Tina said...

Oh my gosh. I was watching a Baby Story on TLC this morning and the couple was adopting two children from the same place as you guys. I recorded it so you could see it when you get home. Hopefully everything is going well. Keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

we are praying for your safety and that all will go well for you guys......Larrry and Gail

Tina said...

Hey guys. Sounds like things are going well. Love the updates! Keep them coming! Cant wait until you get home. Ashley is going over today to play with the dogs. I am sure they will love that! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is posting to the blog right now so I thought I would post a comment while we are still at the internrt cafe. Things are going well and Alena is awesome. We are working on teaching her English and we are making very good progress. All the kids at the orphanage love Jonathan and Jameson, they always have a swarm of little kids hanging on them whenever we walk in the door. You will love all the pictures when we get back. I got up at 2:30AM Sunday morning to catch the play by play of the Buckeye game on my blackberry. It read like an awesome game. Couldn't wait for the next play to post! Jonathan and Jameson woke up for the final 5 minutes and Jonathan added those final victory minutes to the video documentary. His is capturing a lot of great video of the people and places of Taldy-Korgan.
THANK YOU again for ALL the PRAYERS!

Joe, Kelly, Jonathan and Jameson