Thursday, November 30, 2006

Hello Again...

Hi everyone, we hope you are well. I apologize for not blogging sooner. We received some bad news and it has taken me a few days to blog.

My youngest brother Kevin got his scan results and the doctors found a spot on his femur. Needless to say, we were all hoping for the clear scan results. Being so far away is not helping either. I am a true girl and need to give and get hugs! When someone gets bad news I want to get by their side and give them a hug. Kazakhstan is too far to jump on the plane and deliver the hug I have planned for Kevin!!!!!

Then we got the bad news that instead of going to court in the one to five days we were told, we will not go until December 8th. Nine days after our required visits. Joe is pretty upset, as he needs to get back to work. He loves his job at GE. He really does. He loves the people he works with, loves the challenge of his job, and hates to be away. This year he has been away with a management training program, and now the adoption. It is driving him nuts! Joe is so easy going that when something is bothering him, we all know it. We tried every which way to get him back, but we just can't do it. Also, the judge requires him to be here and so a power of atty for me, does not work. We are the easiest going people, but right now we just want to get Alena and go home.

As for the kids here, they are wonderful. The one saving grace is that our kids are making a difference with all of the kids in the orphanage. We really have fallen for about five kids here, and if they were up for adoption, Alena would be one of many. I know, all of my girlfriends think I am nuts anyways, but being here you realize that things would be better for them. Even with all of the things we have going on, everyone would manage back in the states. These kids need parents who love them and just like some big families at home, everyone would support each other and do fine. Because these kids are not as young as some children, they are more self sufficient and primarily need love and guidance. Guidance that parents give just by example and spending time together. I know if we got these kids home, half of you would adopt them in a heart beat.

No matter what happens, we will be a part of these kids lives forever, if not by living together than by mail and internet. They will need some connection to Alena, and she will need a connection to them. Since Alena is going to be our daughter, then we will be able to stay in touch with everyone there. It is the saving grace of having to leave them here. No matter what, we will stay in touch with them and at least be a part of their lives for the short time we were here.

What a life changing trip this has been. I was thinking I can not wait to get home to get my hair done, get a massage..... and then I thought, no way, it costs too much. For the money it costs to get a massage, I can send Victoria an English/Russian dictionary. Actually, I could buy about ten and send them to all of the kids that want to learn English!

Wild, huh! I don't think I will look at our life the same. We can still do amazing things at home, but maybe that one dinner out can be used to send a kid to dance lessons in town. These kids are pretty well off compared to say street children, but they still don't just go to the store to get something they need like we do. It is a true paradigm shift in thinking.

Anyways, we have had some pretty fun adventures here. We continue to visit Alena everyday and as odd as this place was when we got here, now it is familiar. Seeing the man on the cart with his donkey going by a Mercedes is pretty normal!!!

We are bringing someone home with us. Zhanara, our translator, is coming back to the states with us. She is 27 and has never been out of Kazakhstan before. Her mother, the orphanage director, saved $4000 to give her the chance to visit America. Zhanara feels comfortable with us and so we are going to bring her home for two months. You guys will love her. She is a true romantic and even though she is 27, she will be like a kid coming to America. She hopes to visit some of the families she has helped, and I know we will love having her with us.

I have to go, so I will try and blog soon. We love you all and we are so happy that you check on us. If you pray, can you pray we get into court sooner? Maybe we can get Joe home and back to work. He will be so happy if that happens.

Take Care,

Joe, Kelly, Jonathan, Jameson and Alena


Stephanie Holland said...

Kelly, I am relishing every moment of your journey. It's such a blessing to hear from you (Justin was just forwarded the link from another GE family adopting). Congrats on sampling the horse sausage. I've been trying to convince my family about the "when in Rome" attitude, but so far no takers. Sounds like Alena is blossuming. No doubt she'll thrive with such lovely parents! HOw long between the court hearing and the final adoption decree, return to the U.S. with Alena? May the Lord makes His face to shine upon you all. Love, Steph (Justin & girls)PS, it's looking like we will travel at the end of March.

Stephanie Holland said...

OOps, when I posted my first comment I hadn't read this entry yet. I'm so sorry to hear of your brother's scan or of the long delay for the court date. That must be quite a blow. We are praying for God's timing and purpose to give you 'peace beyond understanding.' Hang in there! Love, Steph

Tina said...

We are sorry to hear about Kevin, I hope everything works out ok. What happens after your court date? Any idea how long it will be after the court date before you can bring Alena home? I am assuming Joe and the boys will leave right after the court date. Drop me an email when you can and let Kevin know we are thinking of him.

Suzie said...

Kelly, Just Know that I am hugging you continuously as I know you are hurting for Kevin. You know I can get to New York in a couple of hours if he needs me, and I will deliver many hugs. Your posts make me laugh and at the same time are so comforting, for I know the orphanage will never forget the Moss family. I know the boys are having the best school field trip ever, and that the children would all love to have them as brothers. Wow is Alena one lucky girl. I remember the first time we heard of her and how things have progressed to such an amazing place. God has truly blessed you. But girlfriend we are truly going to have a converstation about the horse sausage. If you come back as only a family of 5 I would be surprised. I know how big your heart is and there is LOTS more room for others. Do I need to go get bunk beds for Alenas room?
Much love and many more hugs.

Tina said...

Hey Moss family, hope everything is going well! Things are fine here in the neighborhood. Ashley is planning on going over to the house today to play with the dogs. I will let you know afterwards how things are. The weather has turned cold here again this week but I am sure it is not as cold as it is there! Drop me an email when you can and we cant wait for you all to come home.

Tina said...

Hey guys, hope everything is progressing well. Joe, took care of that deposit for you. Let me know if you need anything else. I know you cant wait until the 8th. Please let us know how everyhing goes and when you are all coming home. I was over at the house with the dogs yesterday and they are doing well. Kristy purchased some more food for them so they have plenty until you get home. They seem to be doing well, very excited when we are there. Please keep us posted on your time frame and please let us know how Kevin is doing. Hope to see everyone soon.