Sunday, December 10, 2006


Court was successful but not without our attorney battling the prosecutor. Court lasted 3 hours in total before we got the great news. Alena who understood the judge started crying first when she heard the news, Kelly followed because she figured out why Alena was crying, I was in the dark and had to wait that 10-15 second delay before our translator relayed the great news to me. Then our translator started crying and had trouble relaying any further details to me. It was really an incredible day! But I must admit, it is strange feeling sitting in a court and just not understanding a word being said. Talk about trusting your translator to be accurate. Keeping this one short as we are boarding our 3:15 AM flight out of Almaty, Kazakhstan right now. We have some good stuff to share best week when we have more time to post.

Thank you for everyone's prayers!!!

Joe, Kelly, Alena, Jonathan and Jameson

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Kathy said...

Yay!! Such wonderful news!! How blessed Alena is to be part of such a loving family. Welcome Home Alena ~ Kathy