Thursday, December 14, 2006


Hi Everyone,

We got some bad news today. Instead of going to get Alena January 7th, I may not be able to go until February! A young prosecutor has protested all of the adoptions in Taldy-Korgan. Right now, I know of four families that are affected.

So what does this mean. Well for one thing poor Alena, who is so close to having a family as she has dreamed, is sitting in the orphanage waiting. Plus, with the delay, we will have to update much of our paperwork. We may even have to get a new homestudy!

Hopefully, we will get a break and someone will step in and stop this madness. Oh but we are talking about international adoption, and as many of you know, anything can happen. You can tell I am frustrated, can't you! As Joe and I have said from the beginning. God is in control and we shall have patience.

But, we still could use some prayers! God listens to prayers, and we are not above asking for help. If any of you say nightly prayers like I do, please think of Alena and pray for intervention. It is amazing how things happen and you never know.

Thanks for visiting. Jonathan wants to blog and will do so in the next few days. It should be interesting getting a teenage perspective on the whole trip!

Thanks again,
The Moss Family

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