Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Two more days to court! Yahoo! As you are all sleeping, I am sitting here in a bowling alley in Taldy-Korgan, Kazakhstan! Boys will be boys! Whether we are here or at home my husband and sons want to play. Joe already has some side games going with our driver Igor and the guys! Sounds like Joe, doesn't it!!!! All his golf buddies know what I am talking about!!!

We saw Alena this morning and after we dropped her off at school, we came bowling! Since this is our big entertainment here, we decided to celebrate going home by bowling!!!!!

Since I am not bowling I thought I would update our blog. Again, thank you for visiting. We love the comments and the support. Some of you are prospective adoptive parents so Joe and I wanted to give you a list of things we really would like and are glad we brought.

The first thing is a knife!!!! Not a kitchen knife but a Swiss army knife. This is invaluable. We have used it to cut salami, as well as duct tape!

The second is duct tape! The first day we got here Jonathan or Joe, we are not sure who, used the towel rack to support themselves and well you can imagine! So far the duct tape is holding.

The third thing is baby wipes. No need to explain that one.

We also recommend antibacterial hand gel. Lots of that. Maybe 5 or 10 little ones. You can always give it as a present. Our driver likes using it too.

Our travel pillows, that fold up, and our travel clothes line and soap have been invaluable. We wash everything in the sink.

One thing I wish I had brought was a short wave radio. Fry's electronics had a small one. I didn't get one and that was a mistake. Joe and I had one in the UK and it was awesome. You can get the American radio station and keep up with
national news. When I come back I will have one.

We did a great job of packing and only brought one bag each to check. Mine was just bigger than a carry on and the guys were carry on size. We went to the one bag travel website and packed really light. Bring synthetic clothes that will dry. Joe and Jonathan brought north face thin fleece pullovers and we washed them in the sink and dried them overnight.

That reminds me the Croc plastic clogs are awesome. You remove you shoes when you come in your house or hotel room. You do not want to walk barefoot as you can pick up nasty things like worms or fungus!!! Crocs can be worn in the shower so they are wonderful.

Of course, as a girl, I brought hair coloring and girlie stuff. Just think, what would be uncomfortable to have in a third world country!!! You can email me personally if you need more information, ha-ha!!!

We brought Pearls, acidophilus from Whole Foods stores. Immodium and Nauzene that I got at Walmart. Our doctor gave us Cipro for travelers diarrea. Just a small amount, and we are glad to have it, just in case. Vitamins are key. We brought powdered ones that have 1000 mg of vit c.

The boys said bring at least five pairs of underware! There has been days that Jameson or Joe have squeezed into Jonathan's because they were clean! Actually poor Joe brought enough but the guys take his! At least they are not stealing mine!!!!!!! Is this to much info????

Bring breath mints!!! Oral hygiene is not the same as home! It wigs us out too!

We brought sweetner, as sugar is the only one we have seen.

We made a mistake and did not bringing our laptops. Luftansa has internet while you are flying and if you bring a usb drive you can do you email before you go to the internet cafe. When I come back I will have one.

I brought a nice scarf and that was a great idea. It has been wonderful to have. I cover my hair and even though my blonde hair is out of the norm, I do not get as many stares!

Movies are good to pass the time, the laptop is great for playing them.

We are in a small town and ended up buying an electric kettle and two mugs. It was perfect to have and we are donating it to the orphanage when we go.

Sorry this is so long. If you are in a big city you will get to do more. If we were in Almaty we would have gotten the BBC and American magazines. That would have been heaven!!!!

Have a great day, ya'll. Thanks for visiting.

The Moss Family


Tina said...

Hey guys, LOVE THE BLOG!!! It keeps us up to date on what is going on. Will you know after the court date when you can bring Alena home? Usually how long is it? Kelly, are you coming home with Joe and the boys or are you waiting to see what happens? Everything is great here. Getting a little cooler outside and I am trying to get everything ready for christmas. Let us know what your plans are, I am sure you dont even know yet! Drop me an email when you can.

Ken & Carole said...

Joe and Kelly, Jonathan, Jamison and Alena!

We have been reading through your blog comments with amazement! You guys are the greatest, and sharing your family and love with Alena is so very special. Kelly, you finally have your daughter! I am a tad jealous, sneak Valeria into your suitcase and bring her home too!

We will check the blog for updates, but will anxiously await news and photos!

Congrats on your new family member!
Ken & Carole, Michael, Matthew and Jonathan

Tina said...

Hope all went well. We are looking forward to hearing what happened and to see you guys when you get home. See you soon.

Anne & Brian Beckwith said...

Kelly & Joe - we were just checking in. Hope by now you've had your court date and are soon on your way home. Maybe we can meet Alena when we are in Atlanta over Christmas. Take care! -